Mission Statement

The people of St. Andrew’s in the Grange seek, with God’s help, to encourage and give opportunity to people of all ages to grow in faith, commitment and fellowship, so that together we can be a church for today and tomorrow;

As part of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ we are called to:

-Worship God together, encouraging one another in personal faith and prayer, and sharing the Good News about Jesus;

-Keep Christ’s Church and His Gospel relevant to all generations;

-Love and care for one another in the spirit of true Christian Fellowship;

-Make the best possible use of the time, talents, money and faith with which God has blessed us to serve our community and world, caring for those less fortunate than ourselves.


The Church

St Andrew’s in the Grange has always been a Presbyterian congregation in both heritage and tradition, but in 1972 our congregation became part of the Church of Scotland. Although based in St Peter Port, we are very much a gathered, island-wide congregation; a fellowship that is, as we are reminded each week in the printed Order of Service, ‘committed to nurturing our members and neighbours through prayer, worship and service.’

Inside the Church

The church currently has a Roll of 176 members but there are also many others who whilst not on the roll, regularly attend Services and play a full and active part in our congregational life. We pride ourselves in our “Welcome” to visitors and encourage all those who attend each week to join us after worship for a coffee and a chat.


Inside the Church

Services are held each Sunday at 10.30 a.m. with a creche available for the very young. Attendance varies from 50-70 depending on the service: Communion is usually well attended. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is observed on the first Sunday of each month for ten months of the year. The morning service will invariably include a “Word for all Ages” which is enjoyed by both young and old. An Evening Service is held on the last Sunday of the month except in the summer months and December.



A feature of recent years has been the development of a Worship Team (shown in photo). Members of the team have, under the guidance of the Minister, gained confidence in preparing and leading worship and overall the congregation has responded positively to this development. Members of the Worship Team regularly lead worship in the Minister’s absence. There is a large rota for reading the Bible during Worship each Sunday; members of the congregation have enthusiastically signed up for this. Prayer is important in our worship and the congregation is encouraged to use the Prayer Wall in the Narthex

Worship Team

Music plays an important part in the worship of St. Andrew’s under the direction of the Organist. The congregation use CH4. The facility to pre-record music on the Allen organ is particularly helpful on those occasions when no organist is available.


Adult Christian Education

Advent and Lent study courses have been a popular feature over many years.


Young People

We as a church welcome all especially young families and their children. Each week a crèche is available and Sunday School runs during term time.


Church Property

A lot has been achieved in the past 10 years in maintaining the fabric of the church building and the manse.

Our congregation is very conscious of its carbon footprint and has endeavoured to reduce its energy demand.

A failing heating system and increasing energy costs meant that the congregation needed to find an alternative form of heating. Under-floor heating was introduced in the Sanctuary together with the addition of a narthex screen, resulting in a reduction in heat loss. The work undertaken provided the congregation with the opportunity to remove the pews and to replace them with chairs.

This has meant more versatility in the use of the space and provided greater opportunities for different forms of Worship. In addition to the normal two side aisle configuration many other layouts are possible including a centre aisle layout used for weddings and occasional special services

Inside the Church
Inside the Church

The sound system has been upgraded and includes a loop system. A screen and projector are available as required . Our hall, which is accessed from the two doors behind the pulpit and which was originally on one level only, has been converted into two floors, with an upper room now used for worship, study groups and meetings. WiFi is available throughout the church. The lack of car parking spaces is alleviated by the generous concession of free parking on a Sunday and public holidays thanks to the States of Guernsey at the nearby Lukis House.

A child minder group, keep fit groups and a choir regularly use the hall during the week. Lukis House is also available for evening church activities in addition to Sunday mornings. Being a gathered congregation fellowship is important not just on Sundays when we meet for coffee after worship, occasional afternoon teas in the hall, Christmas and Easter lunches in a local hotel and in recent years the Congregational away–day in August to the nearby island of Herm. This has been particularly popular with all ages and always starts with a short service in the gardens of the little church on the island.


The Manse

The Manse is located at

Le Villocq




Inside the Church

It is situated in a mature residential area in the centre of the island, two miles from St Andrew's in the Grange in St Peter Port. There is easy access to all island amenities including the schools and colleges and of course the numerous beautiful beaches and cliff paths. Prior to the arrival of the new minister the manse was substantially modernised and decorated throughout.



St Andrew’s in the Grange has recently adopted a Unitary Constitution.

Most of the 21 elders are responsible for a district, not only delivering the magazine but visiting more frequently when pastoral support is needed. The Minister regularly visits at home, in hospital, or those who are in care homes or house bound. Each month those who request it may receive home communion.



A church magazine “The Kirk Quair” is produced six times a year and an Order of Service sheet produced each Sunday is also a useful way of disseminating announcements of forthcoming meetings and events. The church also has a web site www.cofsguernsey.org.gg


Compliance Issues

The Church is fully compliant with the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Policy and Data Protection rules.


Local Church Review

A review was carried out in November 2014 at which time the Team found ample evidence that the congregation took seriously the commitments of its Mission Statement and was alive to discerning ways in which the Statement could find contemporary and practical expression.

Our Aspirations

• To be more than just the Church of Scotland on our Island reaching out through our involvement in the Community. To continue to be a ‘Welcoming,’ inclusive Church, reflecting God’s love and care; strengthening the fellowship between members and all those who choose to attend.

• To encourage increasing involvement of all age groups within our Church.

Our Challenges

• We seek to care for and nurture all our people, especially our young people and hope that all will find our church an enduring place of welcome.

• We encourage more members of the congregation to actively get involved in the congregational life alongside the Session.

• We wish to continue to be a self-supporting congregation.

Further, the congregation of St Andrew’s in the Grange has a reputation for always being willing to lend a hand in Community projects.

We appreciate and value everything that is given to us by what is a generous congregation and the office bearers all strive to ensure that we demonstrate this by the manner in which our funds are used.


Picture Gallery
Service in Herm Christmas Lunch

Service in Herm

Christmas Lunch

Remembrance 2019 Organ and Piano

Remembrance 2019

Organ and Piano

The Rose window The front of the Churh

The Rose window

The front of the church



From the front Doors