About Us

Who we are

The Established Church in Guernsey is the Church of England with the Dean of Guernsey recognised as the senior Church appointment on the island. The 10 island parishes each have their own Parish Church and Hall, similar to rural Scotland. In addition to several other Anglican Churches, there is a strong Methodist and Roman Catholic following and a variety of other denominations.

St. Andrew's in the Grange is a member of the Presbytery of England, the Presbytery to which Church of Scotland congregations located in England and the Channel Islands belong, which holds quarterly meetings in London.


Why is there a Church of Scotland on Guernsey?

St. Andrew's in the Grange, Church of Scotland, represents a fellowship in the Presbyterian tradition, with a membership of 179 although there are others who join us from time to time. The congregation is mainly Guernsey born, Scots, English, Welsh and Irish - a cosmopolitan congregation originating from a staunch Guernsey following and a Scottish heritage dating to the days when Scottish troops were garrisoned on the island. Today, members work across the community, including the finance industry, horticulture and tourism, there being full employment in the island.


The congregation

The congregation includes 20 ordained Elders in the Kirk Session. CoSY is lively and thriving with some 12 children, mainly of the younger age group. At present there are no other youth groups attached to St. Andrew's in the Grange.


How to find us

For maps and instructions on how to find us and parking information click here.


The island of Guernsey

The second largest of the Channel Islands, Guernsey is situated just a few miles from the French coasts of Normandy and Brittany in the bay of St Malo. Independent and self governing for more than 700 years, the island has a culture and character which are quite unique. The language is English and traffic drives on the left.

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A history of our church

Since the reformation in the middle of the 16th Century, there had always been a Presbyterian presence in Guernsey.

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