Welcome to our dedicated page for sharing our church's valuable documents. This space serves as a central hub for our members and visitors to access a wide array of materials, including policy documents, accounts, educational resources, and more.

Our aim is to foster a transparent, informed, and engaged community by making these documents readily available to everyone.

Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of our faith, stay updated on church events, or explore the teachings and guidelines that shape our congregation, you'll find the resources you need right here.

Attached are our accounts for 2023. Thanks to Steven and Sally for all their hard work in preparing this document. Please click on the link below.

St Andrews In The Grange Church Of Scotland 2023 Accounts (Signed)

These are documents released by the Church of Scotland and the UK Jewish Community at General Assembly 2023

Why Christian Seeders Are Not A Good Idea

A Jewish Christian Glossary