Advent in the Kirk

Justin Taylor

Yesterday, we had our Scratch Nativity and congregational lunch. It was a joyous time, and as a Minister, it is lovely to see it all come together. 

This year's Scratch Nativity was eventful. Joseph decided he didn't want to participate, and a new Joseph had to be drafted at the last minute. Very few things went to script, but that is precisely how things are meant to be. That is what makes a scratch nativity work. 

My favourite moment was seeing the chairs in the sanctuary empty and the congregation in the front acting the nativity out together. It was joyous to see and one of my favourite moments in my ministry so far.

I wonder if God was smiling at us, saying, "You get it". The nativity is not something that happened +2000 years ago but rather something we participate in daily. We all play our part in bringing this child into the world, or as the Swali proverb states, "It takes a village to raise a child".